Monday, February 1, 2010

A series of my 2009 Lent & Easter Sermons: Introduction

It was a privilege to be invited by CSS Publishing to participate as a writer in a book of sermons based on the gospel texts. It was a particular honor to be asked to be the one who would write for Lent and Easter. These sermons were designed to go out to an ecumenical audience, more than my normal Episcopal audience. I wrote them with the hope that those churches that were in need of sermon assistance would find them helpful; perhaps they would generate ideas for those who were preparing to preach. Preaching, it seems to me, is essentially a local encounter, though the gospel is universal the context in which the gospel is presented is always best delivered if it's attached to local experience. It was a bit odd to be writing sermons for Lent and Easter about nine months before they would be used. Thanks for taking the time to be with them.

Warmly, John

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