Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank you !

It was an amazing gift to have had the opportunity to travel around the Diocese of Wyoming with the other nominees. This is a wonderful place in which we are blessed to live. Most of the roads I had been on before and so the greatest gift for me was to be able to come into your churches and meet many of you, to witness the life of the Holy Spirit among you, to receive the graciousness of your hospitality and share in your concerns and hopes for the future.

I continue to believe and know deep within me that God does have a plan and vision for each of our congregations and I am more confident than ever that each of us has the gifts and ability, the faith to discern what it is God would have us do locally and beyond. There were so many moving moments as we were privileged to observe our faithful Episcopal communities with hearts and hands given to service.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to publicly thank all of you who made our journey a time of Blessing. I believe special thanks are due to the members of the transition committee who not only planned the journey but accompanied us on it -- desiring to attend to our every need. Your spirit of service and humility will always be cherished. I hope to post some new pictures from our walk about within the next few days thanks to my wife Jill who among her many talents takes some wonderful photographs. Thanks again to each and every one of you who were able to greet us and share your hopes and dreams for your churches, communities and for the Diocese of Wyoming.

Warmly, John Smylie


  1. Congratulations John and prayers for you and Jill as you journey with us in this next era of our lives.

  2. Hey John, congratulations to you and to Wyoming!! It sounds as if you have had quite a journey since we served together in Hamburg. Your music often sings in my head even now. Be well and enjoy this incredible walk you are on.
    Blessings, Kathryn White